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How To Pass ITIL Certification Exam in 2017

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It is quite human to get nervous before and during any examination. But the essence lays there only when you can keep your cool and focus on the examinations. Just like any other examination ITIL Certification Examinations are also set on a pattern and passing this examination opens up your gateway to a bright career. There are though some fundamentals which you must follow to pass the ITIL Certification Exams. Let’s explore them-

Basics- “First thing first”, you must understand what ITIL Certification is and why is it required to have one. This will not only help you understand the concepts, principles and theories faster but also will benefit you in applying things faster. You must be aware of the levels of ITIL Certifications and what are the benefits of each one of them so that you may select the relevant one for yourself.

Course- Thoroughly study all the options of learning he course and choose the one which is most reliable, assures quality and has the following objectives.

  1. Understanding and implementation of key concepts and process models of IT service management.
  2. Application of ITIL concepts, tools and methods to enhance the business and customer experience.
  3. Provide knowledge on a complete structure of standardized procedures to facilitate taking proactive actions in improving the business performance of the organisation
  4. Must have well defined, varied teaching methods.

Syllabus- Thorough study of all the components and chapters of the syllabus which are as follows-

  1. IT Service Management
  2. The complete ITIL service lifecycle.
  3. Principle definitions and concepts.
  4. Models and processes
  5. Technology and framework
  6. Service Strategy
  7. Training
  8. Sample Exams

The Pattern- The ITIL Certification examination is a one-hour examination with 40 multiple choice questions. The total scoring marks are 40 and you need minimum 65% to pass the examination i.e. 26. The ITIL certification has a fee and can be taken online or in examination centre. You may answer the paper in your own language, if that is available or you may get additional 15 minutes and the use of dictionary if your choice of language is not available.

Keep in Mind While Attempting-

  1. While attempting the examination you may be an IT professional or an aspirant or may be a leading manager in your organisation. You must be working in an existing ecosystem managing things successfully. But when you attempt the ITIL Certification examination you must forget all these things and must focus on what the concepts, principles and models of “ITIL” says and follows. It is not that what you practice in a practical situation, which works fine, is incorrect but ITIL Certification strictly follows their own concepts and processes without any deviations.
  2. Practice makes a man perfect and that is what you must do before attempting the ITIL Certification examinations. There is numerous practice or sample or mock papers or exam papers available which provide you the pattern of the real examinations. You must practice them as they will help you to assess your preparedness and your weak areas. While doing this ensure you get the best quality sample papers as there are hundreds available in the market which is just not suitable for the examination.
  3. One hour duration to attempt 40 multiple choice questions are enough but you must not take a relaxed approach rather utilize that time to read the questions in detail and read the words properly. This is especially necessary for the questions which say – “which one is NOT correct”. Don’t be in a hurry to finish the paper. This is more so important for candidates attempting online.
  4. Be focused, have confidence, take proper diet and rest during the preparation and reach the examination centre before time. Stay focused and do not panic. It is very common that even after knowing the answer candidates answer wrong due to pressure and end up scoring less.

ITIL certification examinations are just other exams and you should take it that way only, of course needless to state that the importance is much higher for an IT professional aspiring for a career in IT service management. Following these steps strictly will definitely help you pass the ITIL Certification exams, this year.

Guest article by Priya Jatoliya 

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