Alleged Rape: Accused UNILAG Lecturer Begs Magistrate for Protection from Media

Written by wahabola

The University of Lagos lecturer facing accusations of raping an 18 year old girl Monday pleaded with a Lagos magistrate for protection from ‎a “hostile” media reportage.

Afeez Baruwa, 42, a lecturer in the Department of Accounting, allegedly raped the teenager in July, as she sought help to get admitted into the university.

Kunle Abimbola, the defendant’s lawyer, told the magistrate that the Punch newspaper had engaged in a campaign of false reportage against the lecturer.

“It has come to a case where we have to seek the ultimate protection of the defendant from the press, he is still presumed innocent until proven guilty,” said Mr. Abimbola, who brought along three copies of Punch newspaper.

At the last hearing date two weeks ago, the defence lawyer sought a bail for his client, claiming that he was “critically ill” in detention and neede‎d urgent medical care.

Ibukun Ibikunle, a lawyer holding a “watching brief” for the rape victim’s family, had countered the defence lawyer’s claims, saying that she spoke with prison officials and there was no report of illness.

Ms. Ibikunle, who works with the state’s Office of the Public Defender, said that he had spoken with prison officials that day and was told that the accused ‎did not show up when they were leaving the prison.

On Monday, the defence lawyer accused Punch newspaper of “scandalizing and tarnishing the image” of Mr. Baruwa.

“On the last adjourned date, it was stated that the defendant was ill. The next day, Punch went to town with the headline ‘‎UNILAG lecturer stays in prison, shuns court,’” Mr. Abimbola said.

“On the 15th of August, 2015, Saturday Punch published the story ‘UNILAG lecturer: Asthma saved me from being raped, says another victim.’

“On the 22nd of August, 2015, Saturday Punch carried an interview with the Dean at the faculty where the defendant worked and he called the defendant a rapist.

“The defendant is being tried and convicted in the media which runs against Section 36(5) of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It still remains an allegation, the defendant is still presumed guilty.”

Mr. Abimbola urged the magistrate to call the newspaper to order over their “false report.”

Mr. Baruwa was absent in court at the last date.

But on Monday, he stood inside the dock, face expressionless, head bowed, and frequently shook his head in apparent disbelief of his predicament.

His lawyer told the magistrate that his wife, Kafayat, had submitted a sworn affidavit to show that he is indeed ill.

“I plead with my lord to come to the aid of the defendant because the impression in the eye of the objective members of the public is that the defendant committed the offence which has not been proven.”

While opposing the defendant’s claims, Ms. Ibikunle said the media reported, accurately, the events of the last court’s proceedings.

“On the issue of the affidavit (brought by the accused’s wife), I believe that a doctor’s report must follow the affidavit‎. Anybody can swear an affidavit.”

‎Magistrate Tajudeen Elias described the case as an “exceptional circumstance” and urged the media to report the proceedings accurately.

“It is incumbent for the press to report accurately as unnecessary comments will amount to subjudice,” he said.

He adjourned the case till November 13 to await the advice from the Director of Public Prosecution.

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